会长                              诗

Dear visitors and members :

First, I would like to thank every member for their trust and support. I feel greatly honored to be the first president of the SUCCEED. I will lead our team to make the greatest efforts to serve the people and the society, and we will also provide a cohesive and influential platform for our members in the fields of commerce, culture and education between China and Canada.

We aim to promote and develop exchanges and cooperation in the fields of commerce, education, culture and high-tech areas between China and Canada, and actively cooperate with the government’s policies between the two countries. We proudly act like the bridge between these two greatest nations. Our members come from all walks of life, and have a wide variety of skills and interests. Most of them are professionals in their fields. We share our resources and work together to build a win-win and mutually beneficial platform that will take our members to the next level of success.

Our official website is a communication channel between the members and the SUCCEED. The website of SUCCEED is also a very important gateway for everyone to know about us. On behalf of the SUCCEED, I would like to thank our members and all friends for their trust and support.

Finally, I wish that friendship of the people of China and Canada will last forever. May my wishes will bring all SUCCEED’s members and friends everlasting happiness and huge success in whatever they do.

President of SUCCEED

Gordon Qu